“Improving Body and Soul”

Body and soul is defined in the Collins dictionary as “every part of you, including your mind and emotions”. Somehow, over the centuries, the word “Soul” has been downgraded by many to mean a mere function of the mind.

Fortunately the spiritual element has been retained by most religions although its exact function differs from belief to belief.

So let’s keep it simple here and say that a person has three major working parts – body, mind and spirit (soul if you prefer).

In these troubling times, the focus has been largely upon the body.

This pernicious Corona Virus has most men and women on the planet fearful of what it will do to the body. Indeed, many of those who have been unfortunate enough to get the virus have experienced intense suffering and tragically a number have passed on.

At the Wincel Group we have had continual success with recognising the three components of a human, mind, body and spirit. We have found that by addressing the spirit or soul we can reach deep into the mind, which in turn can bring relief to the body.

Stress, anxiety and psychosomatic illnesses render one much more susceptible to bodily illness and disease.

We have found that by addressing those elements that confuse the mind, the body, which is in many ways a self-healing mechanism, tends to get better. It must be emphasised however that our therapies do not address any medical issues, which is the purview of the medical profession.

However an improvement in matters of the mind, does relieve the body of unnecessary pressures. It is likely therefore that a healthy mind and spirit will be less susceptible to disease.

Again, we are not making any extravagant claim, other than to say that with the training and counselling that we offer at The Wincel Group, we see a marked rise in happiness and sense of purpose from our students, which in turn makes them stronger in mind, body and spirit!

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