Looking For Something Different. Part 4

A successful Medical Doctor who in recent years has specialised in Natural Medicine, owes much of her success to regular visits to the Wincel Group in Forest Row, East Sussex, UK.

“After some years in Medical practice, I came to the conclusion that the Medical profession and in particular Psychiatry, were moving in the wrong direction. The emphasis was on suppressing symptoms rather than finding the root cause of a problem and handling that.”

“I became increasingly unhappy and frustrated with my chosen profession, notwithstanding the many good things that current medicine was achieving. I sat down to consider my future. My conclusion was that I still wanted to achieve my original three key purposes, namely, to find an ideal job, to be independent and above all to help people.”

“I wanted to discover more about Mankind and how to improve both health and mental faculties by natural means. Despite this, I saw that my new thinking was in many ways complimentary to Classical Medicine rather than in opposition to it. I have not dropped any of the Medical skills and applications but have rather added Natural Medicine to much of what I previously been doing”

I am very grateful for the important input we have received from Gisela, Karl-Heinz and The Wincel Group team. I do not hesitate to recommend their services to others.