“The Worst Word”.

What is the one word that has recently pushed itself into the forefront of our current vocabulary?


A dictionary defines anxiety as “Uneasy thoughts or fears over the possibility of coming misfortune”.

We currently live in a world of massive uncertainty. The advent of Covid-19 has placed all our previously predictable futures in jeopardy. There is no way of accurately predicting what our tomorrows will bring. Some say we’ll be practising social distancing for months, even years to come. Others say that the virus will return and the second wave will be more devastating than the first. There are still others who expect that we will recover our economies quickly versus those who foresee the biggest depression in modern history.

The more unpredictable our futures, the more anxious we get. Fear of the unknown causes us more stress than almost anything else. If there are serious problems ahead, getting the exact data and actually confronting those problems brings about considerable relief because you can then get a handle on what needs to be done. 

Taking pills to relieve anxiety only invites a host of other problems. Anti-depressants disturb the entire balance of our natural defences against unwanted mental pressures.

Anxiety can be overcome without a chemical invasion of our bodies and minds. There are ways in which a person can learn how handle their fears and apply the innate strengths of the spirit mind and body to heal itself.

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