“Looking for something different. Part 2”

On my search for something different I arranged a meeting with Gisela and Karl-Heinz Guenter-Vogel at their delightful late, 19th century home in Forest Row, East Sussex, I was immediately struck by the warmth of their environment on the edge of Ashdown Forest, as well as their dynamic and very contrasting personalities. 

I asked Gisela what it was that made her claim that her approach to seeking help was in any way different from so many other people and groups offering solutions to the problems of life.

“The major difference is that we know that every individual has the potential ability to solve his or her own problems but have so often lost sight of that. This in turn leads to a lack of self-confidence and finally hopelessness. What we do is simply guide them back to the point where they can see what their barriers are and how they can overcome them. Basically they heal themselves and we act as guides to that process. It may sound simplistic but it’s not, at least until they can lift the corners of their problem areas. That’s where our major skills come in.” 

“My search for truth started in my youth. I initially focused on  Eastern philosophy but I then discovered a course that opened the door to much greater comprehension of the subjects I had already been studying.” 

“Since taking that course I never looked back in respect of my lifelong study of human behaviour and how to help my fellow men and women find out how to help themselves.” 

The Wincel Group founded by Gisela and her husband Karl Heinz-Vogel, has gone from strength to strength, imparting knowledge and applying counselling where needed, to improve the lives of people from all walks of life and from many different countries.