Piya KumarWhen we heard that Priya Kumar was flying in from India to give a one-off workshop at The Wincel Group, we were excited – but also slightly panicky for we only had 5 days to prepare!

We sent out a bunch of emails on Wednesday for the event and Priya posted her workshop on her Facebook page with 80,000 followers (!!!) (mostly in India but also in England and all over the planet).

With the kind help of our dedicated volunteers we put together a very nice event with Cream Tea and coffee for everyone!

On Saturday, we were happy to see many people, even some who heard about the workshop from Priya’s fan-page and who came down from London especially for this occasion. Considering the short notice, it was a very good turn-out.


After everyone had some freshly made scones, biscuits and sandwiches with their tea or coffee, Priya started the workshop. She is a great speaker and therefore got everyone immediately involved. Her subject “Overcoming Obstacles to Success”, really applied to everyone. People often wonder about their purpose in life: They do one thing and yet feel that they should really be doing something else to be happy and successful.

Here are some of the responses we received from attendees:

“Such a pleasure and honour to have met you! I’m inspired and impressed. Hope to liaise with you and have a meal with you at some point. Do let me know when you are free. Thanks for the book it was a best spent Saturday evening for £20 bargain. Hope to see you again soon. Regards Uday”

“It was a very good talk and the afternoon tea was delicious! THANKS, Charles”

“Hello Priya! I’m Jenny! I was at your seminar at The Wincel today and I loved it! Thank you. Best, Jennifer :)”

lecturePriya announced that she will be holding another workshop in London and at Ashdown Park Hotel – with at least 4 weeks notice – so that lots of people can take advantage of this!

For £20 everyone had a great time, some excellent Cream Tea and even a book from Priya.

If you are interested to attend the next workshop on “Overcoming Obstacles to Success!” by Priya Kumar please sent us an email: info@life-improvement.com and reserve your seat.

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