Why today they start with new “mental health groups” for children?


a) because it is extremely difficult for patients or their families to argue with psychiatrists and psychiatrically trained G.Ps about the diagnosing of “Mental Disorders”. (Abstruse, so called Anxiety, Bi-Polar, Depression, Schizophrenia and other invented conditions are far more difficult to identify than a broken arm, a burn or a dose of ‘flue, etc.,, and thus allow psychiatrists to claim that ONLY THEY can recognize them!)

b) because psychiatrists have for years been boosting their counseling business and that of the pharmaceutical drug producers by increasingly and obligingly re-labeling numerous everyday conditions, activities and youthful behaviors as “Mental Disorders”

c) because 150 years of psychiatric “treatment” proves beyond doubt that its animal researched theories, when applied to the quite different and superior flesh and blood species known as Human Beings, do infinitely more harm than good, and so provide even more opportunities for prescribing profitable addictive drugs to more and more patients.


But worse still. Primary school, secondary school, high school, grammar school, academy, college and university students on ADHD and other addictive prescription drugs are not only already proven to be poorer students than those NOT so treated. They are also proven to be far more likely to follow a lifetime of addiction not just to more prescription drugs, but also to street drugs or alcohol, after their school / university education is finished.

However, in order to sell Billions of £pounds-worth or profitable addictive pain-killing drugs, paid for by the Taxpayer, the psycho-pharms have convinced doctors, politicians and the public that they should never ever “need to suffer” these natural communications, but instead should KILL even the mildest pains.

Read the full article here // Author: Kenneth Eckersley

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