Lasting relationships are becoming rare, don’t they? People seem to start a new relationship easily, when they are young and much less quickly, when they have had their share of experience aka failures.

Sure, you say, that’s understandable, they got hurt and now they are more careful. Life taught them. Better safe than sorry. True, but there are also these nagging thoughts in the back of their heads:

“What if I am missing out to find the person I could be really happy with?”

“Isn’t there at least someone for everyone out there?”

“Maybe I should lower my expectations?”

And if someone is brave enough to consider meeting a new person through a dating service they might get second thoughts like this:

“I don’t want to put me out there like a product on the market!”

“I don’t want to appear needy.”

“This is soooo embarrassing!”

We agree that you shouldn’t lock yourself away after a failed marriage or relationship but you also shouldn’t rush into the next head over heels. It helps to do some “homework” and prepare yourself.

Here is a highly successful, practical tip for you:

  • Sit down with a pen and paper or on your computer.
  • Think of those things you really cannot do without in a good relationship. Try to first focus on character and attitude in another person rather than start with looks and status in life.
  • Write it down.
  • List out all the things you would like to be present in your ideal partner. You can go into detail of every aspect of your ideal relationship. The more detail, the better. You want to paint a clear picture of who your ideal partner is thus ruling out anyone else. Remember: This is YOUR list. Be as specific as you like. You don’t have to share it with anyone 😉
  • Repeat this until you feel that you have covered everything and you can almost picture this person in your head.
  • End when you feel really good about it.
  • Take it up the next day and read through it again.
  • Make amendments or add to it if needed until you are 100% happy.

Now you have achieved two things:

– You decluttered your mind on the subject of “Who is the right partner for me?” and

– You have put yourself in a brand-new position where your clear concept of a partner will help you start looking for this exact person and allows them to find you, too. Try it!

More on this subject and “How to clean up one’s past” before one can move on into a new, healthy relationship is subject of our next blog. Watch this space, when we explain a fantastic service we deliver here at The Wincel, called Life Repair Consultation.

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