“Looking for something different. Part 3”

As the huge jetliner came in to land at Singapore’s Changi airport, a young woman of 37 smiled at the sheer pleasure of having recently achieved her determination, to recover from a serious accident and be once again in the co-pilot’s seat of a major airline’s Airbus 321. She was once again well on her way to eventually Captain her own flight.

As she explained, 

“In my youth I was impressed by Albert Einstein’s statement that we humans only use 20% of our mental capacity.  As a result of this I tried anything I could lay my hands on, to expand my mind and awareness.”

“I went to Munich to do meditation and even travelled to the East where I attended a silent retreat. I found it very tough to be silent. My normally ebullient personality felt stifled but I persevered on this path for almost five years before finally realising that I was going nowhere.”

“I had a serious skiing accident and damaged my knee very badly. I couldn’t walk properly and I could no longer fly. Honestly I had reached the lowest ebb of my life.”

“While suffering from my injuries I retreated within myself and was actually tired of interacting with other people.”

“Many years later, I decided to seek help. I came to the Wincel and laid out both my physical and mental condition before Gisela, Everything changed after that. A combination of physiotherapy and the healing of the mind and spirit at the Wincel, has given me far more energy. I no longer suffer from bouts of unwellness and I sleep far better. I began to realise the impact of the mind on the body and that one cannot make the body sane without first making the mind sane!”

“Today it is a very different story. I can now walk almost normally and I’m back to my cheerful self. I enjoy interacting with people again, instead of before, when I was fearful of rejection and held back so that it would not happen. Best of all, I’m back with the airline, having recovered from my injuries and am flying international routes again, as a co-pilot.”

I cannot thank the Wincel Group enough for restoring me to my former self confidence which has allowed me to return to my flying career. I’m even comfortable singing in public again.”

The Wincel Group addresses the three parts of Man, the body, mind and spirit, understanding that when all three parts are in harmony, the body and mind, with the direction of the spirit, are capable of self-healing and restoring a proper balance along with well-being!