A tip about the tipping point!

Have you reached your tipping point? If so which way will you tip?

We are globally at that tipping point. I’m not talking about taking any particular political side wherever you may be – that’s your choice. Frankly all political philosophies have both strong and weak points and sadly the weaker points are on show right now.

As events become increasingly depressing and as we are being herded into our own unique bubbles, I’m reminded of a movie made many years ago where a young boy’s immune system had collapsed and he was put into a large plastic bubble, so that he could not pick up any bacteria from anyone or anything else. The movie, as I recall it, explores what it was like for the boy trapped in the bubble. He could see his family and friends. He could talk to them but there was no way he could reach out and touch them or be touched. There was nothing of that priceless commodity, human contact and interaction other than for him to look out frustrated and angry at a world passing him by.

Is our current status much better? Yes, we can open up a laptop, go on to the Internet and receive endless flows of data, as well as misleading news and conspiracy theories, some of which may be deadly accurate but how can we be sure? That still doesn’t allow for human interaction.

The truth lies under a morass of twisted and perverted facts and figures. We have reached the point where it’s almost impossible to be certain what is true and what is false. On a scale of knowing something with certainty, then falling down to a point of complete mystery, we are mostly in a condition of the latter.

We are then bombarded with bombastic statements from all directions, asserting that such and such has to be true and everyone else is lying. Sadly in most cases there’s not one iota of proof either way. Seems like a recipe for schizophrenia to me.

What happens when one can longer decide with certainty on any particular issue? Our morale drops. Add into that our current retreat into bubbles. Is it any wonder that more and more people are giving up on life as it stands?

If you feel that all is lost, then the forces that are steering us this way have won. We are in line to become totally subservient to whatever authoritarian governing body may be in the driving seat!

Let’s hold it right there!  The human spirit is potentially immensely strong provided that we do not allow conditions to drive us into despair.

We must reverse that tipping point, no matter how impossible it may seem. We must remind ourselves of when in the past we have stood tall and strong – when we said “No more!” The majority of us have experienced such moments. No matter how impossible the odds seem to be we can, by the power of our collective agreement, reverse the dwindling spiral on Humankind’s demise.

Forget about moping around and complaining about the ridiculous situation we find ourselves in right now. Stand up, be bold again and fight for the survival of the human race. By that I don’t mean going out and giving someone a bloody nose or worse, shooting them. That’s no solution although there have been occasions when brute force was necessary. However, in this instance, we need to use our brains and strengthen our backbone for our current fight. It is vitally important to remember your own innate strengths and join with others of a like mind to rise above these artificial barriers imposed upon us.

Another positive element in success is the alignment of purposes. Instead of us going off in all directions, some of them well-meaning but often futile.

The Wincel Group specialises in helping others to align their goals and purposes, as well as many other courses and counselling that enables one to discover a whole new zest for life as well as the tools for success in one’s chosen activity.

The ideal way to rise above the travails of the Pandemic, is to obtain some powerful self-enhancement, in preparation for the better times ahead.

To allow the tipping point to tip to tip the other way, is an event too ghastly to contemplate!!! 

By Chris Dresser, Screenwriter