Are Your Worries Causing Your Unhappiness?

Worry, Worry, Worry
What Dampens Your Happiness?

You don’t have to be a “total loser” in life to admit that you have problems. We all have them. Some just deal with them better than others. It’s definitely not a “flaw in character”, it’s life. Is there a way to rise above your worries to a point where you can do something to handle your problems?

Yes, there is. We show you precisely how to do it and which steps to take to feeling happier. Right now. It’s actually so fabulously simple that difficulties of your own have the tendency to at least drop down and become far less of a problem.

The Worry-Listworry

Take a pen and paper or sit down with your iPhone or laptop and say to yourself:

“Let’s see, what are my troubles? What difficulties am I having?” Be sincere about it.

Write them down, make a list of them: “I’m obsessed with the idea that the company I work for is going to make me redundant at any moment and…”, “My mother-in-law is coming to visit every weekend and I cannot stand it any more!”, “I have to pass the test or I will not be able to get that job/get into College etc.!” Worry, worry, worry.

Write them all down and don’t worry what other people might think about you. It’s your list. Nobody will read it but you.

When you feel you’re done, go back to the first one that you wrote down and just say to yourself, “Now, how am I going to tackle this? Hmmm, I will do this-and-that and so-and-so.” Alright.

Then go to your next problem, “How am I going to tackle that? Well, I’ll do bla-bla-bla and so-and-so.” You are going down that list, one by one. Zing, zing, zing.

Then you go back up to that first problem and say again: “How am I going to tackle that now? How am I going to approach it?” In other words, you are allowing yourself to look at these things, one-by-one, and after you have occasionally answered the question, something will happen to the situation.

You’re really not looking at mysticism or some sort of haworry2nky-panky. It’s just that you’re sphere of influence increases and therefore things start to work better in that direction and you stop worrying all the time. That’s all.

Try out the exercise above and let us know how it goes!

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