To mark the end, of a busy and successful year we had a truly magical Christmas time here at The Wincel:

The Wincel Christmas Impressins

Another successful and fulfilling year where even more clients got freedom from depressions, sufferings and losses in life and were able to get a fresh, new and energetic outlook to life! And hereby proved again that this is possible without the need for medications.

Those who never suffered of depression and were already had a successful career and life were able to overcome burn-out and day-to-day challenges and started 2013 with new vigour and understanding. Ready to take on life.

This left us with a sense of achievement to continue to be of assistance to our clients.

Kind regards from your team at The Wincel Group.

We wish you a wonderful 2013!

“You make New Year’s resolutions.

And you make them into the teeth of old resolutions which were different.

Then you don’t keep your new resolutions and you tell yourself you are weak-willed.

You aren’t weak-willed, you are simply obeying yourself as of yesterday.” – LRH

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