“Looking for something different. Part 1”

“Fed up with finding one self-help group after another that promised so much but delivered so little, I searched for something that not only had a different approach but was also effective!”

“Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t desperate and considering jumping off a high building but I was confused and troubled by the crazy world we live in and how it affected my own life. I was also concerned about good friends and family that wanted some relief from the vagaries of life, from losing ones motivation, from failing with personal and work relationships. I wanted some help with my inability to handle certain situations and a feeling of hopelessness.” 

“I felt intuitively that life could be better. My innocent dreams that had developed through childhood and had firmed up into more specific and tangible goals seemed to be slipping away.”

“There are endless mentions in the press and the media that offer all the solutions to ones problems. After sampling a few I came to the conclusion that they really didn’t know much more about how to resolve problems than I did myself. The better ones had a particular theme that appeared to be a workable truth. Even if it appeared to work initially, other areas of my life soon crowded back and I returned to square one.”

“One of the things that finally attracted me to the Wincel Group and gave me some hope that here was something truly different, was the great variety of interesting people from all over the world, who have attested to having achieved lasting results from the Wincel’s approach.”

For example, a 45 year old lady from India has an international reputation as a writer and motivational speaker. She is a best selling author of ten books in English and Hindi. She is the recipient of 13 international literary awards. Her motivational speaking has taken her all over the world, especially the United States and Britain. One of her books has very recently been released as a television series in Hindi. 

She is herself an inspiration to millions but she, as an endless seeker after truth, was not afraid to explore the unique approach offered by the Wincel Group. 

I reasoned that if this remarkable woman could derives benefits from what The Wincel Group have to offer, it was worth while finding out more about it. So I did!