We offer individually tailored consultations, professionally delivered by highly trained technical experts to boost your life into new spheres of success or help you to get rid of personal problems you never thought possible to solve. This consultation programm gives you workable knowledge directly applicable to life and increases your ability to handle it. You will find valuable answers to life’s questions.

This service may also adress Post Dramatic Stress (PMS), depression, lacking motivation, burn out, losses, relationship problems, career and success challenges and specific life problems as alcohol and drug abuse or overcoming past upsets.

This is how it works:

1. Testing:
• Your 10 most important personality traits
• Your IQ
• Your aptitude (which means, your mental quickness)

2. Interview:
In-depth one-on-one interview with a highly-trained and experienced Life Improvement Consultant to pinpoint the exact areas of stress in your life. We address the most significant causes first in order to move on successfully with your program.

3. Coaching:
Next is a short and easy one-to-one coaching program that covers the exact areas you need to address to achieve your goals. This will prove to be useful and effective knowledge that will keep you from making the same mistakes again.

4. Consultation:
And of course, you will work with your life improvement consultant to address past areas of upset, stress, painful loss or confusion. This allows you to not only get rid of the negative effects of your past, but to look towards the future with a positive outlook and an effective plan to make your personal goals a reality.


Our online personality test and the according test evaluation - personally done by one of our constultants - is completly free of charge and with no further obligations required.

This test is your first step towards your true potential. It gives you the opportunity to identify the key areas of your personality. Some of these traits enable you to achieve great things in life, and others can seem to hold you back and ultimately stifle you. With this test we help you to discover which traits are currently benefiting your life and which ones need improvement. You can then take the essential steps to enhance your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

With this tool thousands of people have entered new spheres of well-being and success.



- Executive Director of The Wincel Group

About Us


We are a team of experienced professional consultants and coaches with one purpose: To help others improve their lives and achieve their goals. For over thirty years our life improvement team has changed many lives, thereby releasing surges of happiness and regained abilities!


All our service is based on simple workable knowledge that can be directly applied by you to yourself and life. We are here to make the able person more able and increase their ability to handle life. We achieve this through our highly trained technical experts by delivering our individually tailored professional consultations.


It is of great importance to us to create a very friendly, supportive and professional atmosphere in which someone can attain higher plateaus of competence and success. Special personal care and attention is given to each individual in any stage of their progress in order to bring about new abilities and new-found happiness in life. Every person’s case is completely confidential and remains exclusively and securely with the consultants involved.


If you have a goal you want to reach, a problem you want to overcome or the desire to improve yourself and life, please feel free to contact us. We are here to serve you!


Our Services


We offer a broad range of consultations, coaching and services in the field of personal enhancement. Whatever your field of activity in life, our services will equip you with the tools to handle that activity. It’s not the activity as such that we handle, it is your ability to tackle those activities that we are able to enhance.


Here is a sampling of areas we regularly deal with:

Key Life Consultations

Key Life Consultation is a individually tailored consultation, professionally delivered by our highly trained technical experts.

The purpose is to boost your life into new spheres of success or help you to get rid of personal problems you never thought possible to solve.

This consultation programm gives you workable knowledge directly applicable to life and increases your ability to handle it. You will find valuable answers to life’s questions.

Seminars and Lectures

The Personal Life Improvement Seminars help people obtain a full understanding of specific aspects of life in order to improve it.

These is a small selection of some seminars delivered by us:
“Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life”
“How to Improve Relationships”
“Know Who You Can Trust”
“Effective Leadership”
“Principles of Prosperity”
“Answers to Drugs”
“Technology of Study”
“Success Through Communication”

Career Finding and Planning

Our Carrer Finding and Planning Programme is a simple but enormously effective way of locating your actual career goals in life. It then sets out all the necessary steps to achieving a successful and fulfilling career.
First we will help you discover your Three Key Success Factors. Then we help you align these factors with your goals to determine the path best suited for you. In the third part of the program we will assist you in developing a plan to reach the goals you have set for yourself.

Happiness and Fulfillment

For many people, happiness in relationships or at work is an elusive quality. Surveys show that “being happy” is what a majority of people want most in life. That fact begs the question: Why are some people happy and others not? And what can be done when happiness seems unattainable?

This service will teach you life-changing techniques that will enhance your work environment and your personal relationships and help you achieve happiness.

Overcoming Stress/Burnout

Do you feel stressed in life? Do you suffer from burnout or depression? Are you one day up and the next day down? Do you often have accidents? Are you often ill or make stupid mistakes?

All those conditions are not just randomly happening to you. Discover what lies underneath all those phenomenas and understand the mechanics behind so that you can eradicate it from your life. You will find yourself in a condition of true resurgance and relief of self.

Marriage Consultation

Making a marriage work isn’t easy. To create a happy and lasting marriage you need to know the underlying principles that govern all relationships. How do you determine if you have the right marital partner? How do you deal with the rough spots in marriage in today’s trying society? Can upsets be repaired before they really blow up?

With our Marriage Consultations we can help anyone who wants a happy successful marriage to have their dream.

Our Clients


  • We are of service to anybody who wants to improve any possible aspect of their life. Clients come to us from all over the world and very varied walks of life.
  • We have helped business men and women, architects, designers, authors, publishers, actors, singers, medical doctors, teachers, race car drivers, students, children and parents.
  • In fact, we assist people to solve personal problems they have never thought possible to resolve.
  • We helped addicts coming of drugs. We help married couples putting the broken pieces of their marriage back together. We helped unhappy people to refind purpose and fulfillment. We helped dedicated men and women to expand in their field of business to become top of their industry.
  • And we are confident to also be able to help you!
Priya KumarBest Selling Author

The Wincel Group helped me with innovative and attention-getting strategies to create success with my books. They sky-rocketed to number one best-sellers and elevated me to India's top ten author's list. My training company rose to one of the top three companies in India. Not only that, Karl-Heinz helped me with specific strategies to create financial success with my business, which made me one of the top paid speakers and authors in the country. What you get out of this consultancy is a 360 degree handling of your life!

Antonina RomeMedical Doctor in Natural Medicine

I have always wanted to make a unique impact in my life. The coaching at The Wincel Group helped me to find out how to achieve that and how to best integrate my business and personal creative ideas into a industry with a very set route - the medical field. I especially wanted to keep my personality or even grow my own personality. I am now building a successful network of small companies in the medical industry that help people gain health with more natural methods. All my thanks for my achievements go to the amazing team of The Wincel Group.

Aljosa KovacicFamous National Actor

The Wincel Group, in my experience, are the best, most pristine and most dedicated personal coaching experts worldwide, that set the benchmark in this industry that only few know exist.
This analogy describes their work best:
If you are a diamond made under pressure of mountains, you still need cutting and polishing to take your rightful place.
I can not imagine anyone doing a better, more thorough and more dedicated job than The Wincel Group team. My best decision of a lifetime was to go to The Wincel Group.


I have always had the ability. I always had the talent. But all of that never came to its full potential because I was covered under so much junk, emotional junk, mental junk, spiritual junk. With counselling at The Wincel Group, my life is no longer full of “junk”. My life is getting “clearer” day by day. I am stable in my thinking and in my doing. I am admired on a scale that I had never imagined. Today my company is the most sought after company in training. I have over 400 multi-national clients. I am also on radio and television and I have also written a book.

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Stories of general interest which include successes from people who have benefitted from attending our Life Improvement Centre.

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Looking For Something Different. Part 4

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