Do You Live Up To Your True Potential?

No one knows you better than yourself. But the trouble is, there are barriers that prevent you from knowing who you truly are and how you can handle life to your full potential. In fact your capabilities are a great deal better then you were ever permitted to believe. It is true: You can be more competent, successful and happier than you ever thought possible. We help you to unleash your true potential with a fascinating voyage of self exploration. Under our guidance you can find out who you truly are and what you are actually able to accomplish.



This test gives you the opportunity to identify the key areas of your personality. Some of these traits enable you to achieve great things in life, and others can seem to hold you back and ultimately stifle your true potential.

With this test we help you to discover which traits are currently benefitting your life and which ones need improvement. You can then take the essential steps to enhance your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. The questions asked of you are often fascinating, allowing you a rare insight into your own personality which in turn enables our team to identify those areas that require handling.

This Online Personality Test and the according test evaluation is completly free of charge and with no further obligations required. We look at your test and offer our recommendations. Then it's up to you whether you take it further with our team. With this tool thousands of people have entered new spheres of well-being and success.


About Us

Who Are We?

We are a team of highly trained professional consultants dedicated to helping our clients improve their lives and achieve their goals. We understand that life is not always easy. Especially with large-scale goals and aspirations life can sometimes throw you around in a very ungentle manner. We all have our dreams and ambitions and want to survive in the best way possible. And we know there are solutions to do so.

People come to us from all over the world and very varied walks of life. We help business men and women, architects, designers, authors, publishers, actors, singers, medical doctors, teachers, race car drivers, students, children and parents. We help married couples putting the broken pieces of their marriage back together and help unhappy people to refind purpose and fullfilment. We assist people to solve personal problems they never thought possible to solve and help dedicated men and women to expand in their field of business to become top of their industry.

As we settle for nothing less than highest standards and the outcome of real results we use the worlds most cutting-edge methods and technology in the field of personal enhancement. This enables us to help our clients to help themselves in the best way possible.

For over thirty years the Wincel Life Improvement team has changed many lives, thereby releasing surges of happiness and regained abilities!

What Can We Do For You?

We offer a broad range of consultations, coaching and services in the field of personal enhancement that benefit individuals who are committed to live a better life and succeed in all it's facets. Each person is completely different and is addressed as a unique individual. Whatever your field of activity in life, our services will equip you with the tools to handle that activity.

Our mission is to help you sort out the situation, which is often like a tangled ball of string. We enable you to unravel the ball and follow a straight line of your own determination. Our experience has shown us over and over that by taking a few simple but enormously powerful steps, you will emerge a more focused and able person. You will often recover both abilities that were knocked out of you over the years, as well as the creation of new and dynamic purposes. You have the potential. It just needs to be uncovered.

We can handle any form of post dramatic stress (PMS), depression, lacking motivation, burn out, losses, restoring relationships, the achievement of goals, personal happiness, career and success challenges.

Our Services For You

This is a sampling of services we regularly deliver to our clients. It’s not the activity as such that we handle, it is your ability to tackle those activities that we are able to enhance. All our actions are tailored to the specific needs of the individual.

Key Life Consultation

This service is an individually tailored key life improvement consultation that is also called 'Life Repair' as it straightens out the key aspects of your life that hold you back from achieving the goals you may have. It brings about a new understanding of yourself, others and life itself.

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Career Finding and Planning

Our Career Finding and Planning Programme is a simple but enormously effective way of locating your actual career goals in life. It then sets out all the necessary steps to achieve a successful and fulfilling career. This can also cover the aspect of building up your own business.

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Seminars and Lectures

Our seminars and lectures can be attained by individuals on a personal level or groups and help you to obtain a full understanding of specific aspects of life that you wish to improve. They are carried out by us in a way that the knowledge can be directly applied.

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Happiness And Fulfillment

Happiness is the top answer to the question of what people are looking for in life. Knowing the anatomy of happiness and the traps occurring along the way can make all the difference in life. We not only show the roadsides we also help the person to define their destination.

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Overcoming Stress/Burnout

Stress, burnout and depression are constantly increasing in today's fast moving world. Contrary to popular belief, burnout is not a disease! Burnout factors include the person’s environment. We assist our clients to discover and shatter the courses of burnout in their life. A true revival of self is the result.

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Marriage Consultation

A truly successful marriage of love, understanding and support has become very uncommon for many. This service helps you to find, adress and handle the specific circumstances that made your relationship fail. It also covers the tools to find your perfect spouse.

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Find out more about yourself and unleash your true potential

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This Is What Our Clients Have To Say

PriyaCEO of PK Training Systems, Mumbai, India

My coach helped me with creative innovative and disruptive strategies to create success with my books, sky rocketing them to number one best sellers and putting me in India's top ten author's list and making my training company in the top three companies in India. Not only that, my coach helped me with specific strategies to create financial success with my business also making me one of the top paid speakers and author's in the country.

AntoninaMedical Doctor & CEO of Bioresona, Slovenia

I have always wanted to make a unique impact in life. The coaching helped me to find out how to achieve that and how to integrate my business or personal creative ideas into a field with a very typical route - medicine. And especially to keep or even grow my own personality. I am now building a successful network of small medical companies that help people gain health with natural methods. All my thanks for my achievments go to this coaching.

AljosaNational Actor, Solvenia

These consultants, in my experience, are the best, most pristine and most dedicated personal coaching experts worldwide that set the benchmark in this industry. This analogy describes their work best: If you're a diamond made under pressure of mountains, you still need cutting and polishing to take your rightful place. I can not imagine anyone doing a better, thorough and more dedicated job than these people. This was the best decision of a lifetime.

MiriamInternational Pilot, Germany

I had reached the lowest ebb of my life. So I came here and laid out both, my physical and mental condition. Now I no longer suffer from bouts of unwellness and I sleep far better. I began to realise the impact of the mind on the body and that one cannot make the body sane without first making the mind sane! I cannot thank these lovely professionals enough for restoring me to my former self-confidence which has allowed me to return to my flying career.

Client from USA

I have now a tremendously powerful self-affinity, sense of power, strength, insight, purpose and energy. Where there was doubt I now have total trust. Where there was bondage to the past I feel freedom and courage for a bright future of my own making and choosing.

Client from Germany

Every single aspect of my life has risen to a higher quality. Effortlessly and stable. Without relapse. This is magic put in science. I have tried it all from coaching to meditation or other more spiritual directions and I know: There is no better way to work on oneself than here!

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Stories of general interest which include successes from people who have benefitted from attending our Life Improvement Centre.

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Looking For Something Different. Part 4

A successful Medical Doctor who in recent years has specialised in Natural Medicine, owes much of her success to regular visits to the Wincel Group in Forest Row, East Sussex, UK. “After some years in Medical practice, I came to the conclusion that the Medical profession and in particular Psychiatry, were moving in the wrong …

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“Looking for something different. Part 3”

As the huge jetliner came in to land at Singapore’s Changi airport, a young woman of 37 smiled at the sheer pleasure of having recently achieved her determination, to recover from a serious accident and be once again in the co-pilot’s seat of a major airline’s Airbus 321. She was once again well on her …

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