We offer individually tailored consultations, professionally delivered by highly trained technical experts to boost your life into new spheres of success or help you to get rid of personal problems you never thought possible to solve. This consultation programm gives you workable knowledge directly applicable to life and increases your ability to handle it. You will find valuable answers to life’s questions.  

This service may also adress Post dramatic Stress (PMS), Depression, Lacking Motivation, Burn Out, Losses, Relationship problems, Career and Success Challenges and specific life problems as Alcohol and Drug Abuse or Overcoming Past Upsets.

This is how it works:

1. Testing:
• Your 10 most important personality traits
• Your IQ
• Your aptitude (which means, your mental quickness)

2. Interview:
In-depth one-on-one interview with a highly-trained and experienced Life Repair consultant to pinpoint the exact areas of stress in your life. We address the most significant causes first in order to move on successfully with your program.

3. Coaching
Next is a short and easy one-to-one coaching program that covers the exact areas you need to address to achieve your goals. This will prove to be useful and effective knowledge that will keep you from making the same mistakes again.

4. Consultation
And of course, you will work with your Life Repair consultant to address past areas of upset, stress, painful loss or confusion. This allows you to not only get rid of the negative effects of your past, but to look towards the future with a positive outlook and an effective plan to make your personal goals a reality.


Client success from the programm:

“This Life Repair program was a miracle in my life, something I have been yearning for, for years. It moved me from what felt like an un-navigational swamp of despair to a state of total clarity, presence, knowingness & peace. I feel my relationship to myself completely renewed. I have now a tremendously powerful self-affinity, sense of power, strength, insight, purpose and energy which has replaced the apathy and self-loathing which was not that long ago ever-present like a cloud wrapped around me obscuring my vision. Where there was blindness I now see clearly. Where there was doubt I now have total trust. Where there was bondage to the past I feel total freedom and courage for a bright future of my own making and choosing. The reigns of my life are completely in my hands. I no longer succumb to the illusion of being a victim. I am now a fully empowered creator of my universe choosing with total awareness and certainty to live, flourish and prosper in the abundance of my inner energy which is now released into it’s full capacity of unlimited, vast reserves. I feel connected to my inner essence, my intuition, my being is alert and in the here and now. Infinite gratitude to my consultants for their invaluable support and guidance through this journey.”
– Client from USA

“I have done my life consultation programme. It’s quite amazing how my life has changed! Everything I wanted to deal with has been addressed and a lot of progress has been made in all areas. My relationships considerably improved. I have a much stronger sense of myself. The business is doing well… I have achieved a kind of understanding.”
– Client from Germany

“I have always had the ability. I always had the talent. But all of that never came to its full potential because I was covered under so much junk, emotional junk, mental junk, spiritual junk. With counselling at The Wincel, my life  no longer full of “junk”. My life is getting “clearer” day by day. I am stable in my thinking and in my doing.I am admired on a scale that I had never imagined. Today my company is the most sought after company in training. I have over 400 multi-national clients. I am also on radio and television and I have also written a book.”
– Client from India