The Programme I went through at The Wincel was absolutely life-changing for me. Here are a few examples of what changed for me.

I grew a lot more stable. Things that might have caused trouble to me in the past are now happening with a surprising ease.

I am less scared of and less nervous in challenging situations, l have the feeling of being a lot more in control of my own life.

My level of responsibility rises effortlessly, so I can take care of so many more topics than before without being stressed.

I always thought I was good with people and very outgoing, but also this has risen to a new level.

Finally, I can actually REALLY face and confront the world and people around me. My affinity to people in general has increased and suddenly people are a lot nicer to me.

I sleep better, I have less pain, I almost never get sick anymore.

I had been missing all the abilities and characteristics I had as a child for so long. Those traits of which we know they are there but covered under layers of frustration, stress and pain.

Now I am redeveloping my curiosity, my open mind, my enthusiastic light-heartedness, my own sense of right or wrong, my high-energy-level and a glowing happiness.

Finally I can see who I really am and regain the ability to be nothing but myself.

I could go in like this forever and keep describing hundreds of things that have changed – it’s endless.

To put it all in one sentence:
Every single aspect of my life has risen to a higher quality. Effortlessly. Stable. Without relapse. And this is just the beginning. It’s magic put in science.

I have tried it all from coaching to mediation or other more spiritual directions and I know: There is no better way to work on oneself than at The Wincel!

Gisela und Karl-Heinz have the amazing ability to see exactly what is needed and to make it work whatever it takes with all affinity and patience there ever could be.

Thank you for this fantastic support!

Client from Germany

I have done my life consultation programme. It’s quite amazing how my life has changed! Everything I wanted to deal with has been addressed and a lot of progress has been made in all areas. My relationships considerably improved. I have a much stronger sense of myself. The business is doing well… I have achieved a kind of understanding.

Client from Switzerland

This has been of immense gain to me. I have spent 9 years and a lot of money with counsellors trying to get where I am now.

Working with Gisela for a few weeks have given me what I have always wanted. She has worked kindly with myself and patiently with my husband as well which has allowed us to speak the truth.

She has prepared me in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible. I have learned a lot about myself, who I am as a spirit with lots of insights while doing the programme. I have learned about certain people in society in general. The belief that man is innately good resonates with me and feels so right. I believe that every human being should do this.

Client from UK

This course has been phenomenal for me. I generally I feel like it’s given me the tools to deal with certain areas of my life that I had my mind on. To see things via a different approach and attempt to “tackle” things and look for solutions is very new way of thinking for me but now I know how it can be done.

Client from Pakistan

Earlier this month I lost my mother and felt completely caved-in. I came to The Wincel last Friday and I had four days of sessions. I can now see clearly and can say goodbye to mum without all the drama and grief. I feel at peace.

Client from UK

It opened my eyes to “deep meanings” of simple words, everyday situations and confusions of life. I am glad that I can take responsibly for my life and actions properly and with my own will. Many thanks.

Client from UK

The course has been phenomenal for me. I genuinely feel like it has given me the tools to deal with certain area of my life that I have my mind on. To see things via a different approach and attempt to tackle things and look for solutions is a very new thinking for me – but now I know how it can be done and I hope to apply it in my present and future.

Client from UK

I feel surprisingly uplifted and in control right now. For the first time, I find that I can distance myself and look at things objectively.

Client from Pakistan

This course has given me the tools to use in my life and help me make my own observations and judgement.

Client from UK

This course has been the most useful eye opener. Understanding the underlying principles or Ups and Downs in life is amazing. Today it feels like I have finally understood who I am, just by myself without effort.

Client from UK

This Life Repair program was a miracle in my life, something I have been yearning for, for years.

It moved me from from what felt like an un-navigational swamp of despair to a state of total clarity, presence, knowingness & peace. I feel my relationship to myself completely renewed.

I have now a tremendously powerful self-affinity, sense of power, strength, insight, purpose and energy which has replaced the apathy and self-loathing which was not that long ago ever-present like a cloud wrapped around me obscuring my vision. Where there was blindness I now see clearly. Where there was doubt I now have total trust. Where there was bondage to the past I feel total freedom and courage for a bright future of my own making and choosing. The reigns of my life are completely in my hands. I no longer succumb to the illusion of being a victim. I am now a fully empowered creator of my universe choosing with total awareness and certainty to live, flourish and prosper in the abundance of my inner energy which is now released into it’s full capacity of unlimited, vast reserves.

I feel connected to my inner essence, my intuition, my being is alert and in the here and now.

Infinite gratitude to Gisela & Karl-Heinz for their invaluable support and guidance through this journey.

Client from USA

I just finished a session and I feel great. Over the last few days I realised that I had been feeling more relaxed, calmer, less stress and I had more space and more time as well.

I actually feel better about who I am, I feel more myself and how I remember feeling as a young child who has no worries and was enjoying life and was happy just being alive. I feel I have got something wonderful back that I had lost a long time back!

Thanks once again for your help.

Client from UK

I concentrate so much better, I achieve much more, I am so much more efficient! I have even started on something with a new computer technology that before I had always found too strenuous to put my mind to! Wow it was easy and readily done. I was satisfied with myself.

Also I was able to stick to my own opinion at work, and not let others tell me otherwise, where I know I am right.
I feel more stable and powerful in work now, after always giving in and not being able to accomplish enough work.

Client from Germany

I saw and realised things I hadn’t seen at the time. Seeing things I had done against my personal integrity, I realised how important my integrity is, to stay true to myself and what I think is right. This integrity is the BIGGEST thing EVER for me, because it has been missing from my life, and I always envied others who had it and wished I could be like them, but didn’t know how.
The write-up had blown lots of masses away, I felt like 20Kgs lighter, went uptone, could talk to people and laugh again. And say “no” if I didn’t like something! How great this is!!

Client from Germany

I just realised in my session, how messing up one part of my life stops myself to expand into greater areas of life. Because of all the confusions I had with myself, I had a very difficult time for example in my partnership and I could not expand into even bigger games in my life. I wanted to create, but never could. Actually I also made it difficult for my professional career. NOW I love to create my life newly, for myself, my family, friends and colleagues.

Client from Slovenia

I feel such a huge release I feel so happy inside that I could burst and jump up and down with joy. It is somehow strange that looking at something in my session so black, so dark and evil could bring about this feeling in me but now I’m so much freer and things I was embroiled in and had confused me are gone. It’s a huge lifechanging win. I thank you for all the help that allowed me to be free of such a horrible cloak. I will always remember and be grateful.
Client from Slovenia

* Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh

Wow! Now, that I have completed my personal value and integrity coaching. I feel so much lighter! Not only has weight been lifted off my shoulders, but my vision is brighter, as is my perspective of my past, my everyday present, and most importantly my future. My “Eeyore – condition*” of continual clouds and rain over my head has blown away and man is it sunny ! I look forward to face my future and apply what I have learnt, because I know what good will come out of it.


I had so many wins on my communication training. Obtaining the ability to sit and just be was one of the most valuable lessons for me. I now feel confident to guide a conversation as I wish and it feels fabulous! Handling communication upsets was good for me too, as it brought home for me the importance to see where the persons are at when dealing with them or being in communication with them. Amazing!!!

Client from Canada

I would like to note, that after this session I truly love and appreciate my partner. I love him more than I ever did and would like to create many more years of future with him.

Medical doctor

My win from “Personal Values and Integrity Coaching” I feel as though a huge cloud that was hanging over me has lifted as a result of taking the Personal Values and Integrity Coaching. I feel much more capable and causative in my life.I realized, that despite my attempts to please others through all these years, the person I was displeasing most was: myself. I can now turn around and be my greatest supporter and No 1 Fan, because I have the know-how to succeed. My survival has and will continue to skyrocket as a result of this coaching :).

Client from Canada

In my Career consultation I found more clarity around my ideal future and was able to set a path in order to achieve it. My outlook towards the future is much brighter and I look forward to even more improvement, enlightenment and continued happiness.

Client from Canada

I have felt for years that my and my husband’s relationship could be much better. We tried a few other methods before we discovered this marriage counseling at the Wincel Group. We have just completed it and I feel such a relief and release. I am so excited now to make plans with my husband for the future, learn together and communicate even more. Thank you so much!

Client from Canada

I never would have thought the marriage counseling at the Wincel Group would have worked for me. I thought I was doomed and my marriage as well. I feel a lot more hopeful NOW for the future and success of my marriage to my wife than I ever have been in the past 25 years!! Thank you very much for my life to be back as well as my most important relationship, my marriage to my wife.


Agreeing to do the course and arriving at The Wincel had me nervous, excited and rather curious about how a week here would help me out.

But nothing could prepare me for what followed! The sessions, courses and conversations were productive and got me positive results in the most accommodating and friendly way possible. I was able to tackle hard and worrying problems with people and experiences in my life. The people at The Wincel guided me in a friendly way that in the end I arrived at ideas and conclusions using the amazing tools that they taught me!

Some of the most pressing issues were unravelled and sorted out. What’s even more amazing is that it makes total sense. The whole process is so logical and possible for anyone to understand and experience that no-one should feel hopeless. I am so glad and grateful to everyone here. Thank you so very, very much.


I have always had the ability. I always had the talent. But all of that never came to its full potential because I was covered under so much junk, emotional junk, mental junk, spiritual junk. With counselling at The Wincel, my life is no longer full of “junk”. My life is getting “clearer” day by day. I am stable in my thinking and in my doing.

I am admired on a scale that I had never imagined. Today my company is the most sought after company in training. I have over 400 multi-national clients. I am also on radio and television and I have also written a book.

Client from India

I want to say that I reached what I wanted from this career consultation. My biggest problem was that I had many great ideas but I get dispersed – so I couldn’t decide what I really wanted to do and finally I did nothing. NOW, I know what I want to do and how I will do it! It’s really a big thing for me! I also found my goal in life!

I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it but it happened! It’s very simple and it actually explained why I did different things in my life – I just wanted to help!

I am very focused now and am ready to start achieving my purposes. It’s very exciting! I loved this consultation very much and want to say a big thank you to Joanne. She helped me a lot, to go through and find my way to success.

Client from Russia

The sessions with Karl Heinz have been amazing in handling a situation which was ruining my life and progress. I now feel completely free to handle it. The whole experience has been so good. Thank you!

Businessman from UK

I was left devastated by the death of my mother in 2005. After 4 days of dynamic counselling I find myself at peace. It was wonderful, although painful and I cannot recommend enough the importance of a person with type of loss to get counselling. My thanks to Gisela for her support.

Client from the UK

This was a beautiful programme. I really felt it handled what was bothering me.

Feeling happy and without headaches!


Client from France

This consultation was great! I was able to see myself changing! I found myself talking about things more easily Thoughts just came to my mind and I talked about them. I have been told quite a lot that I am a quiet girl, or someone very shy. But now I can talk about anything I want!


Client from the UK

I feel really good. I feel like a big black cloud that has been with me for a long time went away. I feel light and clear and happy; really happy.

It was the right thing to do and finally I can continue with nothing bothering me any more and the pressure in my head is gone.

Thank you very much!

Client from the UK

For so long, almost 30 years, I have been entrenched in drugs of one form or another.

I no longer am!

The drug rundown has taken all that away and I am now free to deal with the other issues that need to be addressed. I am so thankful that I have a chance at this because without the clearing away of these drugs I would have been totally stuck in the dwindling spiral that my life was in.

I know that I have a lot of work ahead of me but now I have that opportunity.

Without the help of such good people as the fantastic Auditor Gisela and the ever patient and understanding Karl-Heinz.

Client from the UK

Although it’s been 9 days it feels I have been here (at the Wincel) for years. I feel so much wiser and not just rhetorical wisdom what someone may tell me or that I may read from a book. But the experiential wisdom from looking at my own experiences, observing follies, re-looking and learning from mistakes and most importantly being set free from the weight of having to carry the mistakes with me, with all the weight of their friends: guilt, shame, inhibitions, unworthiness…

It felt and still continues to feel really good to leave them all behind and go back home light. To go back with awareness. To go back with an ABILITY. The ability to see consequences of actions without thought, actions without awareness and actions without responsibility.

I have a heightened sense of present time awareness, a higher sense of responsibility towards myself, my actions and towards other people. And I know it’s for me to keep-always. Thank you Karl-Heinz. I owe you my life!

Publisher from India

I went to my first professional audition today and, thanks to the help I received at The Wincel, I could just BE there. I didn’t get the job, but the amazing thing for me was that I didn’t get upset or discouraged about that.

Not getting a job isn’t the problem. The problem is always the upsets and drama that seem to go with it and putting yourself down. I don’t have that anymore and that make a big difference!

Artist from Austria

It is the next morning after my session and I feel like this is one of the most beautiful mornings in my life. I have never felt so free and carefree.

All my goals that I want to reach in my life seem to be so clear and so the right ones. I am not afraid of anything, even if it is death. I must say I was always afraid to die. But now, after my session I live fully. I feel alive, like I’ve lived for ages.

During the session I discovered myself and I have never felt like this before.

Client from the UK

Physically I feel very light, energetic, straight, unburdened – like a girl.
My fear of flying animals changed into curiosity. My liking of horses grew enormously.

I see that so much had been talked into me and that I made myself smaller. The wishes of others were bigger or the same as my own. I had completely disappeared.

Now I am here again, free from burdens of communications. I feel fantastic! It feels great.

Client from Malta