The Wincel Group tailors all its actions to the specific needs of the individual. It has a range of consultations, career finding and planning, seminars and lectures as well as one-on- one counselling and personal enhancement if required.

Key Life Improvement consultations:

  • Life Repair
  • Recovery from loss
  • Alcohol and Drug abuse
  • Overcoming past upsets
  • Relationships
  • The Key to a Successful Marriage

For example, there’s a staggeringly high percentage of failed marriages today. A common question asked is “How many marriages have you had?”

A failed marriage need not occur.

Wincel’s Marriage Consultations are designed to align the goals and purposes of the marriage for both partners as well as the vital importance of good communication.

A good marriage doesn’t just happen. You need to work at it but you also need to know the underlying principles that govern all relationships which include:

  • How do you handle the rough spots in your marriage?
  • Can upsets be repaired before they blow up?
  • Can your original love and affection be restored? You bet!
  • Can you get rid of the bad feelings between you?
  • Do you have the right marital partner?

Our Marriage Consultants will help virtually anyone who wants a happy successful marriage.

If all this priceless data is available does it make any sense to ignore it and stumble along as before?


Our group lectures cover numerous topics ranging from the basic skills of good management to the anatomy of the human mind.

Many management courses and lectures tend to be over-complicated and use terms that are not clearly defined. The Wincel’s lectures apply the principle that truth is simplicity and complexities are simply an excuse to charge huge fees by so-called ‘authorities on the subject!’

The Anatomy of the Human Mind lectures reveal the sources of Man’s irrationality, unhappiness and psychosomatic illnesses. They also indicate how to regain spiritual freedom despite living in a complex and turbulent world.

Career Finding and Planning:

  • Are you satisfied with your career path or would you rather be doing something else entirely?
  • Are you having difficulty getting motivated to follow your real ambitions and have settled for second best?
  • Are you scared that you won’t be able to pull it off, if you make the change you’ve dreamed of?

The Wincel’s Career Finding and Planning Programme is a simple but enormously effective way of locating your actual career goals in life. It then sets out all the necessary steps to achieving a successful and fulfilling career.