The Personal Life Improvement Seminars help people obtain a full understanding of specific aspects of life in order to improve it.

The available subjects are:

  • Start a marriage that will last a lifetime and begin a life of joy together with our, “Creating a SUCCESSFUL Marriage Seminar.”
  • How do you keep the happiness alive? What does a happy relationship depend on? These questions and more are answered on our, “Maintaining a HAPPY Marriage Seminar.”
  • When a marriage seems headed for trouble, what is the remedy? Get back the happiness you once shared on our, “Salvaging a Marriage Seminar.”
  • What should the parents know and what should they avoid or do so their child’s beginning years are the best? The answers can be found in our, “Having a Happy Baby Seminar.”
  • There are a million opinions on how to raise your children. How do you know the true way to raise your child so they develop self-determinism and initiative and make constructive decisions? On our, “Successfully Raising Children Seminar” many uncertainties will be answered.
  • For parents whose children are 9 years to teenagers can face brand new struggles. Create harmony with our, “Successfully Parenting Tweens and Teens Seminar.”
  • Are you one day up and the next day down? When you are getting ill or suddenly start making mistakes, it is caused by something! Discover what lies behind failure and depression with our, “Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life Seminar.”
  • Someone who is honest and outspoken will accomplish his goals far easier than someone who is withdrawn or introverted and sometimes burdened by past failures. Lead a happier and more successful life with our, “Personal Values and Integrity Seminar.”
  • Our happiness depends a great deal on getting along with our colleagues and friends. Bring about mutual understanding and a happy work and social life with our, “How to Improve Relationships with Others Seminar.”
  • Is there a way to predict behaviour? Before entering a joint venture wouldn’t you want to know if that business partner is trustworthy? Learn about all aspects of human behaviour with our, “Know Who You Can Trust Seminar.”
  • To increase self-confidence, you have to understand what reduces it! If you know why this happens you can reverse the situation and rebuild your self-esteem. With our, “How to Achieve Self-Confidence Seminar” you will find the true source of security in life.
  • Success requires personal motivation. So why then do we occasionally delay some trivial thing that then develops into a crisis. When you know what stops you from getting going you can increase your motivation. Do our, “How to Get Motivated Seminar” and raise your effectiveness in life.
  • If your job goes sour how can you straighten it out? If you are in debt, how should you handle it? When you want to change the condition your life, relationships or income is in then do our, ” Formulas for Living Seminar.”
  • Organisation is often a key but missing factor in personal success. It’s also essential for a family or group so our, “Organize for Success Seminar” could just be the thing for you.
  • Do you ever wonder how you can get more done in less time? Efficiency is something we strive for but don’t always achieve. Our, “Effective Time Management Seminar” will show you how to get more done in less time.
  • Without goals and aspirations you can feel lost in life. People set goals and despite making an effort, fail to attain them. In our, “Setting and Achieving Your Goals Seminar” find out why this is and what is the solution.
  • How does one executive achieve prosperity and pay his staff well, while another fails? What does it take to lead successfully? In our, “Effective Leadership Seminar” learn the true laws of leadership.
  • Is your life affected by the stress and strain of financial emergencies? Is there a way to go from stress to success? In our, “Overcoming Financial Stress Seminar” training you can take control!
  • When you know how to handle your finances you won’t go into debt in the future. With our, “Financial Security Seminar” you will attain security and have time to concentrate on life’s higher goals.
  • A greater abundance makes life less stressful and more satisfying. With our, “Principles of Prosperity Seminar” you can direct your prosperity and achieve abundance in all things.
  • Have you ever known anyone take drugs and struggle to stop or have they been left less happy or alert? Drugs destroy ambition and have no long-term reward. In our, “Answers to Drugs Seminar” learn how to you can help yourself or another come off drugs naturally and reverse the effects on the mind and body.
  • Have you ever read something and then you cannot remember what you just read? Do you find you daydream or simply cannot concentrate when you are reading to learn something? In our, “Technology of Study Seminar” discover the simple but powerful tools to rid yourself of the reasons why you can’t learn with ease and joy.
  • You learned how to talk but did you learn how to communicate? With our, “Success Through Communication” training you will discover over 20 practical steps to give you much more confidence in socializing and getting to know people.


Client success from the programm:

“This course has been phenomenal for me. I generally I feel like it’s given me the tools to deal with certain areas of my life that I had my mind on. To see things via a different approach and attempt to “tackle” things and look for solutions is very new way of thinking for me but now I know how it can be done.”
– Client from UK

“I had so many wins on my communication training. Obtaining the ability to sit and just be was one of the most valuable lessons for me. I now feel confident to guide a conversation as I wish and it feels fabulous! Handling communication upsets was good for me too, as it brought home for me the importance to see where the persons are at when dealing with them or being in communication with them. Amazing!”
– Client from Canada

“My win from “Personal Values and Integrity Coaching” I feel as though a huge cloud that was hanging over me has lifted as a result of taking the Personal Values and Integrity Coaching. I feel much more capable and causative in my life. I realized, that despite my attempts to please others through all these years, the person I was displeasing most was: myself. I can now turn around and be my greatest supporter and No 1 Fan, because I have the know-how to succeed. My survival has and will continue to skyrocket as a result of this coaching.”
– Client from Canada