About Us

“Why have we achieved so many successes?”

The Wincel Life Improvement Team has over thirty years of experience in the field of Life Improvement. This includes the achievement of personal goals, restoring relationships, careers, management, personal happiness, integrity and a vital resurgence of self-confidence.

The multi-lingual Wincel team places an emphasis on good communication and friendly interaction at all times. Every consultation is strictly private and confidential. Happiness and laughter is the norm. Seriousness is frowned upon, no matter how important the outcome.

People who have benefited from The Wincel’s Life Improvement activities come from all over the world and from all walks of life. Business men and women, actors, singers, writers, architects, racing drivers, children and parents have all rediscovered their true selves in the calming environment of The Wincel Country House.

Actions speak louder than words! Take our free Personality test then come and find out for yourself what we’re all about. You won’t be disappointed!

Talking of success, here are some extracts from success stories written by our clients:

“Over the last few days I realised that I had been feeling more relaxed, calmer, less stressed and had more space and more time as well. I actually feel better about who I am, much more myself and how I remember feeling as a young child who had no worries and was enjoying life and was happy just being alive. I feel I have got something wonderful back that I had lost a long time ago!” – C.P.

“I am so happy with myself. In fact I have never been happier with myself. I am perfect! I have the nice feeling that nothing can harm me really and that things will be good and I can handle things and fight for myself and make my own decisions”.

“I feel very ‘at home with myself’. My own affinity has really shot up and it is a real understanding actually! Thank you so very, very much”. – B.L.

“The funny thing that I noticed is suddenly people are nicer to me now without me having to be nice first. That’s amazing to me! Usually I always had to work really hard on it, but now it just happens. It feels so good. It also feels like I’m finally getting back for all the times I’ve been sincerely nice to others but they not to me. But then, maybe I’ve never really been sincere until now. Thank you”. – B.B.

“This integrity is the BIGGEST thing EVER for me, because it has been missing from my life and I always envied others who had it and wished I could be like them but didn’t know how”.

“I feel like 20 kgs lighter, went uptone, could talk to people and laugh again. nd say ‘No’ if I didn’t like something! How great that is!!!” – C.W.

“I feel I can SEE more, like as though I have a wider horizon of vision and I feel wiser, because with the study of Ethics, so much STUPIDITY has disappeared, which I was putting so much effort in defending. And as a result I feel more energetic”. – S.L.

“over the last few weeks I have experienced many changes. I am very relaxed with myself and feel very comfortable with myself in different environments. I feel that I value myself much more and think markedly higher of myself. I do not doubt myself and I have belief in myself. Before this was not usually the case. I feel comfortable, relaxed, at ease and in control with more power and
much more stable than before. I just feel this inner stability and calm that I didn’t have before”. – C.G.